Waku Source

AuthorsOskar Thorén, Dean Eigenmann

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WakuStore is a protocol to enable querying of messages received through relay protocol and stored by other nodes.

Protocol identifier*: /vac/waku/store/2.0.0-beta1

Wire Specification

Peers communicate with each other using a request / response API. The messages sent are Protobuf RPC messages.


message HistoryQuery {
  repeated string topics = 2;

message HistoryResponse {
  repeated WakuMessage messages = 2;

message HistoryRPC {
  string request_id = 1;
  HistoryQuery query = 2;
  HistoryResponse response = 3;

A node MUST send all History messages (HistoryQuery, HistoryResponse) wrapped inside a HistoryRPC.

The request_id MUST be a uniquely generated string, the HistoryResponse and HistoryQuery request_id MUST match. The HistoryResponse message SHOULD contain any messages found whose topic can be found in the HistoryQuery topics array. Any message whose topic does not match MUST NOT be included.


RPC call to query historical messages.

The topics field MUST indicate the list of topics to query.


RPC call to respond to a HistoryQuery call.

The messages field MUST contain the messages found, these are [WakuMessage] types as defined in the corresponding specification.


2.0.0-beta1 Initial draft version. Released 2020-10-06


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.